Tennis Courts

The Tennis Courts at the IWARC is one of the few full size tennis courts in the Central Region, and offers the opportunity for playing year round. Tennis services range from private lessons and corporate events to fun tournaments; the center’s tennis pro offers group instruction and individual sessions to players of all ages and abilities. With its convenient opening hours and lighted facility you can play at your leisure.    

Conference Room

IWARC is not only a social centre, it's also an ideal location to host business-related events, such as breakfast meetings, business luncheons, cocktail receptions, private parties, conferences, workshops or entertaining clients. Our facilities offer a private, comfortable environment and feature top-notch technology support where necessary. With one of the largest, secure conference space in Mandeville your clients or employees will be relaxed and focused in this environment that takes you from the hustle and bustle of the town and places you in a serene environment.  .


Need a place to relax after work, over the weekend or even when the kids are at the pool, then the IWARC lounge is for you. This spacious area is perfect for adults looking to relax and have a drink, with the options of playing a game. Discover the history of the centre or the survey the accomplishment through the trophy case.

Play Area

.Searching for that ideal weekend activity or calm, safe relaxing place to take the kids, at IWARC you have just the spot for you. Slides, swings, see-saws, lawns and lots of open play space. You can borrow. Rent or bring you playing equipment to enhance your experience, or bring a couple of friends and make it a play date or birthday party. At IWARC you will have access to fun, food and more. 

Badminton Club

The IWARC Badminton Club is open to all members and non-members of the complex. The facility is open to those with a professional interest as well as anyone just looking for a fun activity. The club features teams in local badminton tournaments, and have done well over the years. Shuttles and racquets are provided by the club. The practice sessions are relaxed and involved a combination of knock-a-bouts and competitive games, depending on personal preference. 


As a wellness center the IWRAC has a full equipped gym with a personal training to help you maximize your time and get the best results from each workout. At the IWARC gym you will find machine and free weights that that cater to the level of workout that suit your needs, if you are a beginner looking to lose some weight or experienced lifter training for a competition. Workout in an atmosphere that clean, professional and spacious with music that will give you that energy to last through your last rep. If you are not into weights lifting and still need that constant morning workout then ask about our daily aerobics sessions, you will be glad you did. 

 Pool Side

The IWARC houses one of Mandeville few outside public pool, the outdoor area is approximately 1800sqft including a kiddie’s pool and a general swimming pool. The Pool and Poolside services are available to all members of the Ingleside Wellness & Recreation Centre members. Non-members wishing to utilize the pool must first report to the main office and sign in for use.  

Pool Rules


At the beckon of management all individuals must exit the pool immediately. 


No diving is allowed from any side of the pool.


No horseplay in or around the swimming pool.


No running on the deck.


Proficient swimming ability is required in deep water areas. 


No swimming or reaching beneath the moveable bulkhead.


Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open wound.


Shower before entering the pool and after use of restroom facilities. 


Proper swimwear is required.


Glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.